Bloom Fortune Ventures

Cultivating Trust, Harvesting Success

At Bloom Fortune Ventures, our robust network and collective bargaining power enable us to secure superior conditions for your business.

As an umbrella organization, we leverage our extensive purchasing power to negotiate deals that help your livelihood thrive, where your success is our success.

If there's something you need, goes beyond our existing portfolio, we are always ready to explore new possibilities.

Your unique requirements are our priority, and we thrive on the opportunity to expand our horizons to meet your diverse trading needs.

Crude Oil:

  - Bloom Fortune Ventures, your trusted marketer and trader of crude oil, has rapidly grown since our establishment. Our global network strategically positioned in major oil trading regions ensures value capture throughout the supply chain. Through our

Refined Products:

Refined products are the lifeblood of modern economies, and Bloom Fortune Ventures manages a diverse portfolio, including Gasoline, Diesel, LPG, LNG, Naphtha, Methanol, Petroleum coke (petcoke) and Jet fuel.


Bloom Fortune Ventures is at the forefront of the agricultural revolution, supplying Urea to increase crop yields worldwide. Our strategic positioning in the market ensures that we deliver this essential nitrogen-rich fertilizer efficiently and sustainably to our global clientele.


The timeless allure of Gold is captured in our trading operations. Bloom Fortune Ventures connects markets to this precious metal, facilitating investment and craftsmanship through ethical sourcing and trading practices.


As an indispensable material in the production of numerous chemicals and industrial processes, Bloom Fortune Ventures provides high-quality Sulfur. We leverage our extensive network to meet industrial demands, fostering advancements in manufacturing and agriculture.

Talcum Powder:

Bloom Fortune Ventures delivers Talcum Powder that sets the standard in personal care. We are committed to providing a product that is integral to daily hygiene routines, sourced responsibly for consumer safety and comfort.


Sweetening lives around the globe, our Sugar commodities are a testament to Bloom Fortune Ventures' commitment to quality. We sustainably source and supply sugar, catering to the food industry and households alike.

Edible Himalayan Salt:

Sourced from the ancient sea beds nestled within the Himalayas, Bloom Fortune Ventures brings to your table the purest form of Himalayan Salt. Rich in minerals and unrefined, our edible salt enhances your culinary creations with its natural health benefits and distinct pink beauty.

Road Salt:

Ensuring safety in the harshest winters, Bloom Fortune Ventures provides industrial-grade Road Salt for effective ice control. Our commitment to public safety and infrastructure support is reflected in the reliable distribution of our road salt, essential for maintaining clear and safe pathways.


Powering the world’s industries, Bloom Fortune Ventures delivers Coal, a staple energy source. Our robust supply chain capitalizes on global demand, ensuring a steady flow of coal to power plants and steel manufacturers.

Vegetable Oil:

From kitchens to cosmetics, Vegetable Oil is a versatile commodity that Bloom Fortune Ventures proudly markets. Our focus is on sustainability and quality, ensuring our oils enrich lives and industries alike.

Olive Oil:

Synonymous with health and culinary excellence, our Olive Oil represents the pinnacle of quality. Bloom Fortune Ventures sources from esteemed orchards, offering a taste of luxury and wellness to consumers globally.

Milk Powder:

Providing nutrition and convenience, Milk Powder from Bloom Fortune Ventures supports food industries and end-consumers with premium-grade products. Our supply chain ensures freshness and quality from dairy farms to your doorstep.